Minsk - Capital of Belarus

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Minsk - Capital of Belarus

We welcome you to our new Website "Privet" means something like "Hello" - and we would like you to say Privet to Minsk. We've collected a bunch of articles from famous belarusian journalists who'll tell you about all the good sides of the Minsk, it's good people and many more reasons to visite Minsk.

Aleksandrovsky Square in Minsk

Aleksandrovsky Square

A small public garden in the heart of Minsk has a rich history and not by chance serves as the centre of “gravity” of a city life. His official, faded name is the Central Square.

Calvary Church, Minsk

The churches of Minsk

Belarus found itself on the boundary of the influence of two Christian churches - Catholic and Orthodox. During the Soviet times the majority of them came to desolation, the best of them were used by the Soviet Regime. From the beginning of 90th old churches are returned to the believers.

Minsk Town Hall

Sign of the Magdebourg right

In 1499 Minsk received the so called Magdebourg right - the right of an independent city, the inhabitants of which were released from feudal duties, from the court and the authority of voivodes and other state persons.

Loshitskij complex estate, Minsk

A magnificent heritage in Minsk

Experts say that in Belarus there are over 150 historical architectural ensembles. But in Minsk only one has survived. It is the Loshitskij complex estate, one of the most sentimental places in the capital.

The house of Vankovich in Minsk's downtown

Two small wooden houses

In the center of Minsk, almost opposite each other, on the opposite sides of the river Svisloch, two almost identical wooden houses are situated. Both were constructed in 19th century.

Pischalovskij Castle - Prison Hotel, Minsk

Pischalovskij Castle - Prison Hotel

Not so long ago the citizens of Minsk were crushed by the news that the well-known city investigatory isolator would be altered into hotel, for the tourists – fans of gloomy colour of torture chambers.

Extereme racing in Minsk

Street Racing Minsk

STREET RACING is an extreme driving by car along night streets. Racing boom! There is a supposition that the stir began with the film "Forcing", having become almost cult in the certain circles.

Opera and Ballet theatre in Minsk

The Belarusian Opera and Ballet theatre in Minsk

The Belarusian Opera and Ballet theatre in Minsk actually houses two independent creative groups. They are the National Academic Opera theatre and the National Academic Ballet theatre.

Tower of Minsk

Tower building in Minsk

As any modern city with a historical past, Minsk is a connection of different architectural styles, sometimes - harmonious, sometimes - eclectic. But an attentive eye will notice one of the main architectural dominants of a modern building.

Knights of Minsk

Knights' community of Minsk

The passion so widely spread in Europe – military-historical clubs – has also come to Belarus. It is no wonder for in the Middle Ages Belarus was the battlefield of numerous aggressive and emancipating wars.

GUM Minsk

Minsk Downtown

Minsk downtown was completely rebuild just after World War 2 . This is unique example of Soviet architecture.

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