Anatoly Kot - a belarusian actor known in Berlin

Anatoly Kot

Anatoly Kot - a belarusian actor known in Berlin

Anatoly Kot is one of the most claimed belarusian actors today. Probably, he had luck: only ten years passed after the graduating from the Academy of arts and he managed to work at the theatre of belarusian dramatic art,  at the Theatre - Studio of a film actor, in actor's private theatrical concerts, on radio and in cinema.

Anatoly has finished a present theatrical season. He acted the series of repertoire performances in the "Theatre - Studio of a film actor", which is very popular among citizens of Minsk, and also was shot at once in several films. To the 60-anniversary of the liberation of Belarus in cinemas of the country the showing of a lyrical film "Once more about the war" passed, where Anatoly Kot took the leading role. Almost simultaneously in the competitive program of the Moscow international film festival from Belarus an original film "Occupation. Mysteries" was shown. The film, consisting of three short stories - "Adam and Eva", "Mother", "Father" - represents not banal sight at our military history, the sight of new generation.

Recently the shootings of the Russian soup opera "Related exchange" finished. Here Anatoly Kot acted with popular Russian Pop Diva Christina Orbakajte. His role is an American businessman. The part of shootings took place in the USA, in New-York, and the actor acted in English. Meanwhile he adds half-jokingly, that he does not know English and from all foreign languages prefer German.

"Four years ago I was invited to Berlin for work in the joint theatrical project. Four actors - two Germans, an actress from Bosnia and I were occupied in the performance under the play of very popular playwright from Slovakia Zbriljanovich. Since then cooperation started. Now there a monoperformance under the   "Notes of a madman" by Gogol is rehearsed." The monoperformance is a performance with the participation of one actor. It’s a half hour dialogue with a hall in private, and in a foreign language! Anatoly admits that it is rather risky experiment. "But I saw, that there were actors who could do it. Why not to try?"

Really, the actor has saved up solid experience. He worked on the most popular theatrical stages of Minsk, was the programme director of FM-radio station "Radio - Rocks" … He was shot in several belarusian soap operas, in the sensational belarusian blockbuster "Anastasia Slutskaja". It is very difficult to find him on one place.

"I like my work. When you like your work, it is not a burden for you." Now he expects the beginning of the season of rehearsals in the "Theatre - studio of a film actor", where he will come, enriched with the experience of dialogue with German spectators. - By the way, he has a German car - the fifth model of "Golf".

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