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About Belarus

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Privet-Minsk - Welcome to Belarus

This rubrik tells you about Belarus, its culture, its nature and about many other interesting things in this country located in centre of Europe.

89 Millimeters

89 Millimeters- Germans made a film about belarusian young people

“89 Millimeters” – a new documentary by a young German filmmaker Sebastian Heinzel. 89 millimeters is the difference between the width of railway tracks in former Soviet Union and elsewhere in Europe.

Troitsa group from Minsk

Ethno-trio Troitsa play Belarusian folk

This small musical group - the ethno-folk trio “Troitsa” - exists from the middle of 90th. It even became the winner of the competition “Make way!” organized in 1996 by Soros's Fund.

Book The Land of Belarus

The Land of Belarus

There are no analogues of the book “The Land of Belarus” even in many neighbors of Belarus. Authors of this giant folio are one of the most widely-read modern Belarusian writers Vladimir Orlov and the artist Zmiter Gerasimovich.

Windsurfing in Belarus

As windsurfing has appeared in Belarus

Windsurfing was invented in the middle of 70th by Americans. 15 years later this kind of sport was included to the program of the Moscow Olympiad - In 1980 a group of Minsk scientists - enthusiasts contributed a great mite in it.

Budslav Mother of God icon

Budslav Mother of God icon

Budslav Mother of God icon is one of the most honoured catholic relics not only in Belarus but far beyond its borders.


Polatsk - the old Belarusian Capital

Nowadays Polatsk is considered the cradle of Belarusian culture and statehood.

Museum of Vasil Bykov

Museum of Vasil Bykov

By 80-years anniversary of the national writer of Belarus Vasil Bykov on his native land, in a village Bychki of area Ushachi, the Museum of Vasil Bykov was opened. To tell the truth, it is not an estate, because it contains only a modest house and two farm buildings.


It appeared in the water of Svisloch

The history of appearance of the majority of wonderworking icons is shrouded in myths and legends which as a rule do not have documentary confirmations.

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