Medved of Minsk

Alexander Medved, olympic champion from Minsk

Medved of Minsk

This Olympic champion is known all over the world. The honorable citizen of Minsk Alexander Medved, three times rising on an Olympic pedestal, deserved such recognition thanking not only to his sports and diplomatic merits, but also to his human qualities.

Sasha Medved grew the high, clumsy guy, and hardly could somebody thought then, that inexhaustible energy and force laid in him energy and force which would make him the strongest fighter in the world The legendary fighter entered an independent track in 1954, becoming a mechanic at an aviation factory. In 1956 he was called up to the Soviet Army. The recruit happened to get to the tank part of the belarusian military district. In the army Alexander willingly acted at various sports competitions, but gradually a kind of sport of courageous and hardy people- wrestling –brought him on a wrestling carpet. Soon he got acquainted with his future instructor, the Honored trainer of the USSR Pavel Grigoriev. Medved appeared to be extremely gifted and capable pupil and the first success was not far off. In 1959 on the Sports day of the USSR he occupied the third place. After a transfer to the reserve Grigoriev together with the Honoured trainer of the USSR Boleslav Rybalko continued to train Medved. In 1961 the citizen of Minsk successfully debuted in the world championship in Yokohama (Japan), and from this year the period of brilliant victories over the Europe championships and the world and Olympic Games began.

Not to tire the reader with statistics we will tell about the most fascinating “duels” of our glorified fighter.

In 1968 in the Olympic Games in Mexico in the final Alexander Medved had to struggle with the titled German Wilfrid Ditrich. Right at the beginning of the fight Medved dislocated the big finger on a hand and understood that he would be removed from the carpet because of the impossibility to continue the duel. But he managed to set the finger, and indifferently, looked at the referee, inviting him to continue the duel. The referee shrugged his shoulders and continued the duel, and Alexander went to the German, as if wishing to show that the dislocation of a finger was a child’s play for him. A poor German got lost of such energy and lost his temper. It was not worth the trouble for Medved to win.

In 1972 by the Olympic Games Americans found Kris Taylor. The guy was not an outstanding fighter, but he weighed about two centners and looked like a mountain as against 100kilos Medved. Our fighter understood that if he would miss an opportunity for a second and appear under Taylor, it would be impossible to get him out. He spinned round the American like a top, but all for nothing. And suddenly Alexander made a hook from within, Taylor throw back his huge leg, and Medved heard, how his waist "crackles". Miraculously managed the belarusian to slip out from under Taylor. And nevertheless, with the help of an artful hold, Medved managed to win. But the back hurt, and there were fights ahead. It was necessary to think up something. In the representative team of Germany there was an anaesthetic which was recently put on the market and was a deficit.

“I wanted to win the third Olympic gold very much “ Medved recollects. I tried to search all conceivable and inconceivable loopholes. Therefore, having learned about the medicine, we turned to the Germans. We agreed to buy this medicine for a good sum of money. But they turned obstinate, and suggested to exchange the anaesthetic only for caviar. I visited guys from our team to carry out the wish of Germans. Fortunately, the medicine helped to forget about a pain, and I became the triple Olympic champion.

It is necessary to note, that the richest technical arsenal of Medved is considered to be the standard among the fighters of freestyle till now. “I adapted holds to myself. In fact the Soviet wrestling school was various and was considered as the best in the world”. To tell the truth, many fighters hated his firm grasp. “For example, when I made my favourite overturn over a forearm, many athletes started to be nervous and lose their temper, - the triple Olympic champion recollects. - After a while referees began to treat this hold as painful, therefore I had to go on cunning”.

Let's notice, after the third victory Alexander Medved was suggested to go to the USA and was promised big money for participation in different shows. But he refused: “In America there are many millionaires, but in the USSR there is only one Medved”. Actually the eminent sportsman didn’t want to leave the Belarus capital, where he felt at home. Alexander likes to recollect a history, how he got a flat. In 70th he was promised to a flat in the center of Minsk, near the House of Officers. But while Medved was at competitions, the apartment was transferred to a football player of Minsk "Dynamo". To tell the truth, Medved despaired of the fact not for a long time. The belarusian leader Petr Masherov learned about the problem. He invited Medved to his office and gave out the order to provide the famous sportsman with the flat, which should be in the centre of Minsk. The area of Gorky Park corresponded to the wish of the head of the republic.

It is necessary to note, that not only on a wrestling carpet Medved became a triple champion. In daily life he is called a triple grandfather. Daughter Elena and son Aleksey “presented” him three grandsons. The eldest Timofej finished an economic faculty of the BGUIR. Nikita is 7 and he starts to learn the school alphabet. The youngest Alexander is 4. ”I do not know, if they will be wrestlers,” Alexander Medved says, “but Nikita and Sasha constantly ask me to show them my holds. Especially my namesake.”

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