Pischalovskij Castle - Prison Hotel

Pischalovskij Castle - Prison Hotel, Minsk

Pischalovskij Castle - Prison Hotel

Not so long ago the citizens of Minsk were crushed by the news that the well-known city investigatory isolator would be altered into hotel, for the tourists – fans of gloomy colour of torture chambers. In the meanwhile it’s only rumours, although it would be very nice, because a prison in the city center is out of place. But besides, in fact the investigatory isolator is placed in a historical and unique building. Experts call this building the Pischalovskij Castle!

The matter is that the jail was constructed in 1825 under the project of the architect Pischala who imitated here a typical design of a belarusian Gothic castle. This is a three-floored rectangular building with four round towers on corners. Each tower is topped with rectangular merlons above a multistage cornice. The castle, as well as it is necessary, is fenced with a high stone wall with buttresses. On a wall there are no merlons and other raisings, in fact it wasn’t a true defensive castle, but a jail. The wall was only because of prisoners.

Here such well-known people of Belarus as poets Karus Kaganets, Ales Garun, JAkub Kolas, the playwright Vintsent Dunin-Martsinkevich served a term of imprisonment. Here the revolutionary Pulihov was executed. He made an attempt upon the Minsk governor Kurlov, the originator of the execution of the meeting of workers in October, 1905.

Now, as well as 180 years ago, the Pischalovskij castle works as an investigatory isolator. Many years there were no escapes: the castle turned out to be an inaccessible building. It is possible to admire the architecture of the castle only in autumn - in the rest of the time white turrets are lost among trees which has magnificently grown up around. And you admire the castle with caution - all the same it’s a prison! God knows, whether the Pischalovskij castle becomes an exotic hotel for tourists: the penitentiary system needs it in its present kind.

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