Tower building Minsk

Tower of Minsk

Tower building in Minsk

As any modern city with a historical past, Minsk is a connection of different architectural styles, sometimes - harmonious, sometimes - eclectic. But an attentive eye will notice one of the main architectural dominants of a modern building: The plenty of stylized towers and turrets, "vezhi" - if in belarusian. Sometimes they look very picturesquely. And in fact, not accidentally, they grow in Minsk.

In fact with Belarus, with its history and culture, the name "White Vezha" firmly united. It’s the name of the defensive tower. It is situated on the western border, in the city of Kamenets, 30 kilometers from Brest. The tower not only gave the name to the biggest in Europe biospheric reserve Belovezhskaja forest, but also remains one of the most picturesque monuments of the Middle Ages.

The tower was built in 13 century, in the annals it was named "stolp kamen" (a stone pillar). It is 17 sazhens (over 30 meters) in height, and 13,5 meters in diameter, walls - 2,5 meters in thickness. The tower is simple but has decorative effects: large bricks on merlons are stacked according to the motives of national embroidery. White Vezha is a unique escaped structure from the whole series of a fortification erected in 13 century in the south of Belarus.

The capital "stepsons" of the tower resemble it not very much. It is, of course, the stylization, created by the imagination of modern architects.

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