Without Vasil Bykov

Vasil Bykov - famous belarusian writer

Without Vasil Bykov

In 2003 the national writer of Belarus, Vasil Bykov, died. The Union of writers and the Belarus State University conducted the International scientific conference. A documentary film about the writer has been shot and four books - by Bykov and about Bykov - have been released.

Radio “Freedom” released the book “Bykov is free”. Its presentation took place in the House of the writer. On presentation there were not only eminent Belarus writers, but also the heads of diplomatic missions of the USA and Lithuania, having made a speech on Belarusian  language. So, the ambassador of the USA George Krol, speaking about Vasil Bykov, has told the following: “He is not only a brilliant Belarusian  writer, but also a person who belongs to all nations of the world, as served not only his beautiful and ancient country, but also universal values: truth, honour and humanism. It gives all people the right to keep him in memory and to use his example”.

In the book “Bykov is free” interviews with Vasil Bykov on the radio”Freedom” are collected. But as its author Sergey Naumchik informed, the collection of Bykov`s interviews is far from been full, as a systematic archives of the " Freedom "has been keeping only since 1995. And, for example, a unique interview with the writer in 1991 resulted in so-called "radiointerception" of broadcasts of the "Freedom”. It was prepared by a special confidential service especially for leaders of the state and was dispatched to the Central Committee, Soviet Ministry and KGB.

Materials, chronologically collected in the book, cover the period, since 1990th and up to a public response to the death of the writer and reaction of the Belarusian authorities to the illumination of his funeral in mass-media.

One more Bykov`s edition - the book "The Elite" was released by Moscow publishing house "Martin". Its compiler is the Belarusian writer and artist Vladimir Sivchikov. In the book you can read not only stories written during the period since 1970 up to 2001 ("Sotnikov", "The Obelisk", “The Sign of a trouble”, "The Severe Cold", “A Wolf Hole”, "Bog"), but also stories and parables of last years, some of which have been translated into Russian for the first time. One more edition “Paradoxes of life” released either little known or absolutely unknown stories simultaneously the public association "Book" published the book of memoirs “Our Bykov”. Its compiler was one of the nearest Bykov`s friends the poet Gennady Buravkin. Authors of the memoirs became sister of writer Valentina Vladimirovna, son Vasili Bykov, poets Rygor Borodulin, Mikola Avramchik, Anatole Vertinsky, Valentin Taras, Danyta Bichel, Vladimir Nekljaev, Sergey Zakonnikov, Dmitro Pavlichko, prose - writers Anatole Kudravets, Victor Kazko, Valentin Blakit, Vitautas Petkjavichjus, Mikolas Slytskis, Sokrat Yanovich, the film writer Vladimir Halip, critics Dmitry Bugaev, Lazar Lazarev, Valentin Oskotsky, artists Leonid ShChemelev, Gavriil Vashchenko, the academician Radim Goretsky, the academician of the International academy of astronautics Boris Kit, the leader of Belarussian People Front Zenon Poznjak. The Geography of the residence of memoirs` authors is wide: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, and Canada.

However, as Gennady Buravkin said, there are no several people in the book whom he would like to see there, first of all two great writers Chingiz Aitmatov and Abdizhamil Nyrpeisov. The first one was too busy, the second wasn’t found at all. There are no also Grigory Baklanov's memoirs, he is a famous Russian writer and one of the first Bykov`s reviewers, but for one reason - this year Baklanov had a heavy operation. Unfortunately, there are no memoirs of three well-known Belarusian s - Stanislaw Shushkevich, Nil Gilevich and Igor Luchenok. At first they agreed to participate, but they couldn’t present materials in time By the way, the book was a success, Buravkin considers. And it is interesting not only from the point of view of information, but also from literary, as some memoirs are real models of a high-quality literature. In other words, it turned out to be a literary monument in all senses.

However, if all mentioned books appeared to be accessible to readers and admirers of Bykov`s works, documentary film “A way to home. The Requiem”, having shotted on the Minsk studio "Tatiana" by Nikolay Dinov and Irina Pismennaja, was banned and wasn’t demonstrated. It was the decision of the Belarus State register headed by Jury Tsvetkov. In the picture Rygor Borodulin, Gennady Buravkin, Anatole Vertinsky, Valentine Taras and Vladimir Mehov tell about Vasil Bykov.

Nevertheless, the picture was already seen by many spectators not only in Belarus, but also abroad. It is known for certain, that "Requiem" has already been seen in Moscow, in Baltic countries, and also an interest in film has been shown in Henry Byollja's Fund in Germany.

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