Knights' community of Minsk

Knights of Minsk

Long live to the knights!

The passion so widely spread in Europe – military-historical clubs – has also come to Belarus. It is no wonder for in the Middle Ages Belarus was the battlefield of numerous aggressive and emancipating wars. Belarusian Knights were at war with crusaders and became famous for their victory under Grunvald; they fought against Moscow Tsars, defending either Great Principality of Lithuania, or Polish Kingdom , or the Russian Empire. In the times of the Soviet Union the reconstruction of military costumes was not allowed – but later in the epoch of independence this hobby engrossed a large number of young people.

With nothing more but enthusiasm present-day knights and their ladies put all their time and money to revive valorous historical memory. In the way they do it one can easily distinguish traits of Belarusian national character.

Their arms and dresses are of the highest standard – the members of the club “Knyazhy Guf” from Minsk (“Prince's Armed Force” in Belarusian language) make the best in Europe “white” knight's arms. In the battle they fight heroically “to the first blood” despite the carefully written tournament rules. The spectators of the fiesta “Bely Zamak” (“ White Castle ” in Belarusian language) enjoy an interesting and unusual show which includes tournament, “bugurt” (a mass battle), a competition for the best knight's armor and even a contest of medieval ballet dances!

It is namely the festival “Bely Zamak” that is considered nowadays the main event in the life of military-historical clubs in Belarus. It takes place in spring, usually in March-April, and brings together enthusiasts both from our country and from abroad. Russia , the Ukraine , Baltic countries as well as Poland and Germany are eager to take part in this impressive event. It is really a very spectacular sight, which draws attention of many people. Among them are not only the historical reconstruction enthusiasts but also common citizens who are astonished at the sight of noble knights. Therefore young men in knight's armor and ladies in long dresses and fanciful headgear have recently become an integral part of every city festivity.

What are they and what do they do? Naturally they take part in tournaments, defending their honour, they get ready to fights, learn to wield the sword and the spear, improve these skills to perfection. They neither look for dragons nor spoil the windmills but sometimes they do decorate populous events such as city festivities and even… computer exhibitions.

They just live an ordinary life. The majority of them are students and pupils, the rest are just hardworking romantics. With a noble heart of a Knight.

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