Minsk - Capital of Belarus

Privet Minsk - People of Minsk

People of Minsk

People of Minsk

Many attractive people live in Minsk. Here you find info about the most popular of them: writers, sportsmen, actors...
Svetlana Aleksievich

Svetlana Aleksievich: "War's Unwomanly Face"

The most known book of Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich “War's Unwomanly Face” was published in the Palmira publishing house (Moscow). Svetlana Aleksievich working on a new book about love ( “The Wonderful Deer Of Eternal Hunt”), had to suspend the work as the theme of war became actual again.

Vasil Syomuha - translator of Holy Write into modern Belarusian

Belarusians have their own Bible

Belarusians have their own Bible - full translation of the Holy Write into modern Belarusian language is carried out by well-known translator Vasil Syomuha and published with the financial support of simple citizens of Belarus, and the Belarusians, living in the USA and Canada.

Rygor Borodulin

Belarusian poet Borodulin has translated the Pope

To the 25-anniversary of pontificate the national poet of Belarus Rygor Borodulin has translated the book of poetry “The Roman triptych” of John Paul II contemplations into Belarusian. And already in June, being invited to Vatican, Borodulin delivered the translation to the Pope with his own hand.

Vasil Bykov - famous belarusian writer

Without Vasil Bykov

In 2003 the national writer of Belarus, Vasil Bykov, died. The Union of writers and the Belarus State University conducted the International scientific conference. A documentary film about the writer has been shot and four books - by Bykov and about Bykov - have been released.

Vladimir Korotkevich. Writer from Bealrus

Vladimir Korotkevich

The Native of Orsha, Vladimir Korotkevich finished the Kiev University. On certificate of the professor Adam Malidis, exactly at that time future Belarusian Senkevich understood, what was a Native land.

Anatoly Kot

Anatoly Kot - a belarusian actor known in Berlin

Anatoly Kot is one of the most claimed belarusian actors today. Probably, he had luck: only ten years passed after the graduating from the Academy of arts and he managed to work at the theatre of belarusian dramatic art,  at the Theatre - Studio of a film actor, in actor's private theatrical concerts, on radio and in cinema.

Olympic champion Alexander Medved, Minsk

Medved of Minsk

This Olympic champion is known all over the world. The honorable citizen of Minsk Alexander Medved, three times rising on an Olympic pedestal, deserved such recognition thanking not only to his sports and diplomatic merits, but also to his human qualities.

Sergey Makarenko

Sergey Makarenko - the first champion

Before the Olympic Games in Athens we had a talk with the first Olympic champion Sergey Makarenko.

Vladimir Zhbanov's sculpture in Minsk

Vladimir Zhbanov and his sculptures on Minsk's streets

A modest sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov is always confused when he is referred to as a creator of a new city sculpture in Minsk.

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