Street Racing Minsk

Street Racing Minsk

Street Racing Minsk

STREET RACING is an extreme driving by car along night streets. Racing boom! There is a supposition that the stir began with the film "Forsage", having become almost cult in the certain circles. The film narrates about mad races of American guys in cool cars.

In Minsk streetracing became popular not at once. At first only 2-3 cars participated, sometimes only one car came to the place of meeting... Then an advertisement in newspapers appeared, and the true races took place, in which 25 cars participated on February, 23, 2002. Gradually races became a "national" entertainment, the amount of demands for the round reached at times up to 450!

Streetracing is a kind of sports without the law. But there are plans to register the club of Minsk streetfighters officially. At present the rules of the League of streetracing is prepared. And more recently the administration of the airport “Minsk - 1" offered to rent one of landing strips for streetracing. So now we expect the next gripping show, capable to become one of the most popular kinds of an energetic leisure.

Today is Saturday, 9 p.m. A preliminary gathering of racers takes place near the Palace of sports in the Masherov Avenue, on a parking in the district Uruchje, in the JAkub Kolas Street or near the Zhdanovichi market. After the gathering the place of start is determined. As usual, races are carried out at night, more often in the country, where the road is better and the traffic is less.

Here on the round participants are registered, and then cars are divided according to their characteristics. As a rule, there are so many participants, that numbers come to an end, but people are still coming.

And some words about the features of race. Some participants prefer to demand rivals with the car of the same characteristics or even more powerful. Others refuse such offers: “I will lose!”, and prefer a rival with a less powerful car. The majority of drivers are men, but there are some constant participants - girls.

Races are carried out on a straight line, which is 400 meters long, participants compete in couples, starting from the most powerful cars and finishing from the weakest. They compete according to the knockout system, i.e. from each couple only one car goes on racing and there is only one winner finally. For the present there were no accidents, not counting several small scratches. However an incident took place. One of streetfighters was carried away by extreme racing too much, that outside the race he managed to exceed speed for 165 km/h and was fined a big penalty.

Someone can suspect that the driver did it one over the eight. Also will be mistaken. Therefore according to the private rules of streetracing, drunk drivers aren’t registered not to create problems with participants and spectators. And you will never see fights here. All insults are resolved only in racing: you are faster – then you are right.

Till now only two things could break a race – GAI (auto inspection) and a rain. And, it is necessary to note, a rain is always less predicted, that is why for all the history because of weather, races were not carried out twice. As to GAI rare round will do without their appearance. Though the appearance of GAI excites someone even more, it emphasizes the fact that this invention is outside of the law.

Thus it is necessary to remember, that the officers of GAI are also motorists and streetracing is interesting for them. Sometimes some officers changed clothes into civilian and participate in races. They say, once the young representative of high rank of the leadership of the Minsk inspection was noticed in the role of a racer.

Today the planes of the League are to make a great show in honour of the opening of the season. While the negotiations are carried on with GAI, in order that their officers keep order and block a line (the most deserted roads are always chosen for races).

In any case if not to participate, streetracing is worth seeing! And if the expression "was born with gasoline in blood" is about you, then sooner or later you’ll be sick to race on your own. And then you’ll start to search for worthy rivals. Fortunately, now you know where they can be found. In Minsk, every Saturday, at 21.00.

And here you can learn more details about the movement of streetracing in Byelorussia:

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